Frequently Asked Questions!


How could I Place an Exchange order?

Open site EXCHANGE, fill the form and submit. After that you will see instructions for payment. After your payment, we will complete the order.

How Could I Place Purchase order?
Check out Buy Rate at homepage and go to BUY , Choose E-Currency that you need and enter your contact detail, We’ll check our reserve and if have enough stock available, will reply you with bank detail or easypasia/jazzcash where to send payment. After Sending payment provide us your E-currency account where you need funds and we will credit your account.

How Could I make and Cashuot/Sale order?
Open site SALE/CASHOUT, fill the form and submit, After that you will be redirected to payment website, where you will have to make payment for your order, As funds receive in our account we will process your Cashout/Sale order.

How long will it take to complete my Exchange order ?

Normally order is completed within few minutes after your payment. Exact time depends on what type of order you have. If you sell bitcoins, we complete the order after first confirmation of bitcoin payment which takes around 20 minutes. Maximum time for order to be completed is 24 hours. If you see your order is not completed within 24 hours, please contact us.

How often are you online? Wat are your wroking hours?

We work 16-18 hours daily. Our Live Chat support is opened every day 12 hours per day or longer. so it is possible to reach us from 9AM  till midnight. However , For cashout/sale and buy orders it is preferable to contact and place order during 9AM-11PM

Did not find answer? Contact us.